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Thursday, November 01, 2012

6 Tips to Reduce Belly Fat at Home

The techniques on 'lose belly fat' given in this article are completely healthy. Hence, even though you might take some time to lose belly fat, the results will last forever. Alcohol is carbs and it also blocks the bodies ability to utilize vitamins and minerals (not good). 
Drink lots of water, you should drink one ounce of water a day for every two pounds of body weight. Water flushes out the toxins that build up in the body and hydrates it. Eat more fresh fruit and vegetables to get the vitamins, minerals and enzymes that they provide and they just taste good.
Many people go to the gym and try to lose inches by going on a cardio machine for long periods of time at the same speed. This is bad for fat loss because it does not raise your metabolism and your body will adapt very quickly. Pretty soon, you will have to go for longer and harder to get the same challenge as when you started!
Watch your sodium intake. 500 grams daily is all that is truly needed for the body to function normally. To put this in perspective, the common Chinese takeout has over 3,000 grams alone! Studies have shown that the average American female consumes almost 6.000 grams daily - that's over 10 times the recommendation! Excess sodium leads to water retention - so stick to fresh and natural foods to get rid of belly fat fast.
Look for a fleet of stairs preferably more than 10 storys high near your house of just outside your house if you are living in an apartment building or condominium. Once you find it, start off by doing just 2 sets of 10-14 floors about 5 times a week. After that, slowly build up to 3 sets the following week and keep it at 3 sets of 10-14 storys for at least 2 weeks. So now having completed 3 weeks in all, on the 4th week you should start doing 4 sets of 10-14 storys at least 5 times a week. After just 5-6 weeks, you will definitely notice amazing results on your belly.
If you want to know, how to lose belly fat naturally, the answer lies in turning into a vegetarian! If this is something that you cannot do, at least see to it that two thirds of your diet is made of healthy, vegetarian foods. When it comes to losing fat, high fiber and high protein foods are your best bet. These keeps the body full for a long time and thus, reduces the overall food that you consume in a day. Also, do not make the mistake of eliminating fats entirely from your diet. In fact, healthy fats such as those found in olive oil and fish are very essential as they aid in the process of burning fats from the body. 
In addition to Intense Workout, also do regular simple exercises such as cycling, swimming, walking and jogging once or twice a week. It brings many great benefits to your health as well as your life. So, live an active life. It is alright to let go your diet and weight loss worries once a week. Do not restrict your body and allow yourself to binge on some comfort foods. Having your favorite food once in a while is OK. A slice or two of pizza or a scoop of your favorite ice cream will not do much harm.

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